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Welcome to 

​St. Michael The Archangel

A Catholic Faith Community

 In 2006, St. Michael's became involved with our most recent Sister Parish, St. Joseph Parish in Fonds Parisien, Haiti. Father Ilieris Vilnor, the priest, at that time had nothing - not even a place to sleep. He did soon receive a grant from somewhere to build a rectory. He also started a school, but he had no money to pay teachers or catechists . Now, since St. Michael's sends money each month, he can pay teachers and his catechists and give the students a lunch. Fr. Vilnor is a generous man with his people and is well loved by them. Besides St. Joseph Parish, he is responsible for 4 smaller parishes or chapels as they call them, up in the mountains.

The group that is going on this mission are students and a professor from Kettering University in Flint Michigan. They belong to a group called Engineers Without Borders. One of the chapels has asked for water. They must walk 2 1/2 to 3 miles for water. These students are going to see how best to meet their needs. This visit is to evaluate what they must do to accomplish this. Another trip is planned in the next months to return and implement their solutions to provide them with clean water. Please pray for these missionaries. 

LaVina Dise has taken multiple trips to Haiti to minister to our Sister Parish.

Bob Swanson is the son of Terri and Denny Swanson. Bob has previously spent time in the Peace Corps and is excited to be active and involved with a group so very special to his parents.

Along with our 'seasoned' crew who have gone to Haiti before, we have some new members joining the team this trip:

Hannah and Daniel Swanson