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Welcome to 

​St. Michael The Archangel

A Catholic Faith Community

May 2017

Today is our first day at the dental clinic and we had 59 patients and 68 teeth extracted. It took too long to get started with packing and then setting up, but we did get started at 11:00 AM. Today was market day so there weren’t many people there. Hope tomorrow is better. It is hot here but I love it. Maybe it is the Prestige that I love. Rosanne, I’m thinking of you. Father Lalande said he would like to visit us this Aug. if we can work things out. He well be in New York so we would just get him from there and back. I am thankful that I am here and blessed in so many ways. Thank you everyone for making it possible for me to be here. Father is so nice and is glad we are here. We had a wonderful meeting. There is so much to share with you when I get home. As Louis said we visited Father Vilnor in Port-au Prince at St Joseph. He was so glad we came to see him and asked if we could come again.


Today is our last day and I so thankful that we were to visit Mother Therese Hospital. It is wonderful to see the babies and hold them and give them all the love we can. They are so beautiful and just need all the love we can give. The children love the soccer balls and toys we brought them. We hove a lot of pictures to share with everyone when we get home. Hope to see you soon. Tomorrow morning we are on our way home and we be home at night. I thank God for a wonderful trip and to get so much done.

It has been a very good day. We met with Father Lalande and it went well. It was the 4th day for for our dental clinic today and had more people than any other day. Everyday we think they would slow down but they keep coming from some where. God just keep sending more people that need their teeth pulled. Thank God we are here to help the people here that need help.

I sure enjoy my time with the team, Terri, Bob, Hannah, Daniel, and Tim. It is a wonderful trip and to think tomorrow is the last day. Thank you God for this trip.

It’s anther day and a busy day. Mass started out with mass at 7:30 AM and it was 9:30 AM when we got out. But it didn’t seem that long at all because the music was so good. I love to listening to them.. I going to miss that music when I go home. Than we had something to eat and then off to work. We didn’t get started until after 11:00 and worked up to 4:30 P M. We had more today people today than any other day. Thank God for today.

It is beautiful here in Haiti. We also have done so much already and it is only been two days. Yesterday, we visited “Love a Child” and met a man who will work with us on putting in the cistern in LeRoche. Looks good. Today we had our first day with the dental Clinic and had 83 patients. Also, We talked with Father Lalande and he is a wonderful man.

I do want to thank all my family and friends for all the prayers. They are working, I am so thankful to be here.


We are doing fine here. We got in at Matthew 25 on Sunday and spent the night. Monday morning we left for Fonds Parisien after stopping at a hardware store here to check prices for supplies for the students for the supplies they will need to work on their project when they get back. They found out that they can e-mail the store for prices and order what they need. It looks good. Jr. also said he has worked with other EWOB and he has picked up the supplies for them and had it at the place where they would be working. Hope this will work for us too.

When we got to Fonds Parisien Father wasn’t there yet. He wasn’t able to meet us because his father has died and he was making the arrangements and was late getting to St. Joseph’s. We ate and went to the chapel (LeRoch) and had the meeting with the people and with water board members. It went well.

Today we worked on sampling the water in the village, and took measurements and pictures of the houses in the village. Also, we did surveys with the men and women in the village. It went very well today. We are going out again tomorrow. 

The Engineers Without Borders A-section from the Kettering University in Flint, MI sent three students and a professor with Bob Swanson (Denny and Terri Swanson’s son) and LaVina Dise to our sister parish in Haiti to help them with their water problem.  

We arrived at Matthew 25 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Sunday, September 29th 2013 for the first night. In the morning we left for Fond Parisien, where our sister parish, St Josephs to meet with Father Vilnor. On the way we stopped at a hardware store in Port-au-Prince to check prices and supplies that the students will need for the water project they will be working on. The students check with the manger there and found out that they will be able to order the supplies on the internet and have them delivered before they arrive to work on the water project. The hardware store a pretty large building and they have everything there

Father Vilnor’s dad died on Friday and he was in Port-au-Prince to make the funeral arrangements so he wasn’t at St Joseph’s when we got there. We eat lunch and visited the well that we put in there and it is still being used every minute of the day. It is wearing out again put I’m sure they will get it fixed. When Father Vilnor got there, we did have our meeting with him and then we all went to LeRoche, the village that need good drinking water.

We meet with the people in the village about 100 in all and introduced ourselves to them. We told them what we were going to do and asked if they had any questions. There was about half men and half women there and they were really interested and helpful in what we were doing. We did meet in the church and the roof was fix and the steps now in front of the church thanks to Father Vilnor and the community. Then we meet with the water board members.

On day two we went back to LeRoche and meet with the water board. We let them know what we wanted to do and ask for their help. Also, the students gave a demo of how to plate bacteria. We split up into two groups to conduct health surveys with the villages and measuring the houses suitable for cisterns, along with collecting water samples. It was a very busy day and there was still more work to do in the evening. The students worked hard to test the water samples for bacteria and put the surveys report in the date a base. They sure did work hard.

After 5 days if taking surveys, water samples, and visiting with the people in LeRoche, there is still the work of putting all of it together to come up with a solution to help the people with their water problems. The Kettering University students went home with all the information they gathered to study. They are meeting together on November 2, 2013 to talk about how the trip went and to go over this information they have gathered so to come up with ideas about their implementation. They are eager to get started on coming up with the best solution so they can go back to Haiti and help the people.

Please keep the students and the Haiti people in our prayers.

Oct. 23rd:: We made it to Haiti. It is Thursday morning at 6:30 AM and ready to go the St. Josephs.

We had a nice trip and everything went well. LaVina