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Welcome to 

​St. Michael The Archangel

A Catholic Faith Community

May 2017

First day of clinic was not quite as busy as we had hoped. We only ended up seeing 57 people. We think it was because this was market day and many of the people were there. We do miss Daniel and Hannah who were here with us last year. It was really nice to see Fr. Vilnor yesterday in Port-au-Prince. We have pictures of the rebuilt church at St. Joseph Parish in Port-au-Prince. He seemed happy to see us and told us to return to visit any time. Fr. Leland has treated us like royalty. He is always so welcoming and treats us very well. It is great to see the window in the Church that St. Michaels funded. St. Michaels Parish is so generous to this parish and has really changed the lives of many people here. Tomorrow we will go to LeRoche to bless the cisterns and see the water filters that St. Michael’s purchased. Really looking forward to seeing those being used. Thank you all at St. Michael’s for blessings on this parish. They are lucky to have you as a friend.

Louis Gula

It’s hot here in Haiti, but Tim and Lavina are asking me every hour if I have taken water. I am religiously. Such an improvement in the facilities since St Michael’s first group came to make a twinning commitment to St. Joseph’s 8 years ago. The water well is providing the community with safe water, the church is built, the old building that held Mass in those days is now a school with a second story for more class room space. Congratulations St. Michael’s for your commitment to this project. We had a visit with Father Vilnor, who was pastor at my first visit. He is in St. Joseph – Port-au-Prince, and was recovering from pink eye. He was happy to see us, and sends his regards.

May 2016

Oh my gosh what an experience at the orphanage. I left there with tears in my eyes. All those children that were in need. To have those little ones in in my arms and then to have to walk away from them is heartbreaking. Having said that, Mother Theresa’s Orphanage is amazing. To see what they do to help the little ones coming in that are severely dehydrated or malnourished and the nuns there are willing to take care of them so well. They do a lot of good work there. It is also awesome to think we are walking in the same tracks that Mother Theresa walked in. The afternoon was spent doing some site seeing in Port Au Prince. What an amazing country and I am sorry we are leaving tomorrow. The week has flown by and I am not ready for it to end. It was awesome that I was able to share this experience with my mother, daughter, nephew, and awesome people like Lavina and Tim. I am so thankful to the people of St. Michaels who helped to sponsor this trip and made this all happen. Your generosity is amazing. I feel blessed to have what I have. The people of Haiti do not have nearly what we have but you never her them complain.

We had a great day in clinic today. Got there early this morning and put in a full day. The dentists saw over 100 patients today. It was nice to see some rain up in the mountains. We did not get much rain at all at St. Josephs. We went to a local school this morning to talk to the students about dental hygiene. I was amazed at the size of some of the classrooms. One room had over 140 students packed in the room. Not sure how any learning occurs in that type of environment. Hannah and Daniel did a really good job talking to the kids. I hate to see the week coming to an end. Tomorrow will be our last day in the dental clinic. I feel so blessed to be here in Haiti to share this experience with the group.

What a beautiful mass this morning. The church was full and the singing was great. We spent the afternoon in clinic and had a very successful day. It is so hard to see so many very small children having teeth pull because of poor tooth hygiene. The dentists here are really doing a good job. I have to say the Haitian children are very brave and do not complain while having their teeth pulled. I am very happy to be on this trip and be a part of this project. I am thankful to St. Michaels Parish and to Haiti Needs You for all your support and commitment to the people of Haiti. I feel that a lot of good things are happening here. Thanks for the opportunity.

Patrick Alziphat

Working with the mission teams is always a joy, because I learn so much and respect what I have in Haiti. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am rich, and I am very grateful for all you guys do in Haiti.

Today we went to church, and after church we ate, and then we went to do clinic while we did clinic everyone just laughed and enjoyed the clinic. Although we started clinic late today we saw more then the other day, and still no one is complaining about how tired they are, and it makes me feel good to be around them because they know they came here to help, and no one is minding the heat or not having the luxury things that they have when they are in the United States. I

know that GOD is in the team and with the team. I appreciate them all, and enjoy being around them all. I will pray for them all, and hope they come back again not only to help the people of Haiti, but to give me a job, so i can keep supporting my family.

It has been a good trip so far. Yesterday we had a successful trip to LeRoche with Love a Child. It seems they are now committed to assisting us with getting a cistern built in LeRoche. This has been a long time coming and it is nice to things start to come together. The first day of dental clinic was today and things seemed to go very well. We saw 83 people. The two dentists here are amazing. They really work had and do an amazing number of extractions.

The weather here is very hot. We are sitting around the table here now and it is really hot. I feel blessed to be a part of this trip and I am hoping do some work that can give the very friendly people of Haiti a better life. Everyday here tells me how very blessed we are and how well we have it back in Michigan.


This has been an amazing two days her in Haiti. We have spent the last two days in staying at St. Joseph Parish but traveling everyday to LaRoche to work with them on the water project. The people in LeRoche are extremely accommodating and welcoming to us. We spent Monday meeting with several people from the parish to discuss the issues they have been facing related t o water. We had a very good turnout and their was a despite feeling from them that they need water and need it soon. The current water source is primarily a dried up riverbed where they dig down to get their water. It is a long hike back to carry the water to their home. We also met with the water board to get their ideas on possible solutions to their water. 

Tuesday our team split up. Half of the team walked around the village to measure rooftops so the Kettering students can have information to put together a plan on the best place to put in water catchment systems. The other team worked with Junior to interview families to learn more about their needs and their health status, Today was a very long and hot day but it was very productive. 

I am very amazed at the outlook of the people we are working with. The Haitian people are so welcoming and willing to work with us on this project. I sincerely hope we will be able to leave the country with a good plan that we can put forward and get funded through the Engineers Without Boarders organization. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to visit Haiti and experience this very rich, God loving culture.